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I am Kaleidoscope-Kirin.

Kaleidoscope: because I dabble in what feels like damn near every type of art!

I draw. I paint. I take and edit photos. I write poetry. I do beadwork, and am looking into starting my own line of plushies. I knit/crochet. I scrapbook. I like to play around with vector art and face paints.

Someday I would like to try my hand at modeling and portraiture. I would also like to try pottery, and take another wack at making my own clothing with a sewing machine. Fractals are interesting, but from a distance seem too complicated for me.

Basically, I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. I like to experiment and branch out. I am ok with this lifestyle and feel it will be a few decades before I settle into any one realm of expression ...if ever.

I also sing (for fun), and dance.
I have not particularly tried my hand at any musical instruments yet.

If there is one thing I am not, it is stable. I am an all-over-the-place person who changes like the seasons on crack. I'm like a little kid hyped up on sugar in an empty hotel, running around and opening all the doors, just to see what's behind them. Sometimes I find something that catches my fancy for a while, and I'll jump on the bed or do pull-ups from the bar in the coat-closet before losing interest and moving onwards. Metaphorically speaking. And I have my favorite rooms that I come back to time and again. Literally these would be my passions of dancing and writing. In my analogy they would probably be a deserted ballroom, and a small outdoor gazebo in the sunshine with a fountain trickling away nearby.

Kirin: a tribute to my best friend from childhood!

She's not dead or anything, and there was no bad blood, but we have long since lost touch. Nonetheless I have never met such a compatible soul, and I will always miss her. She left a lasting impression, and is a major reason why I am who I am today. She was a ray of light when everything else was tumultuous. Her name was Karen.

Thanks for reading all of this!!
The following is a journal about the creative process, and how it works for me.
It is in response to my watcher Mids' journal: Apples Spilling Across the Galactic Rim
Mids: I am not sure what I think about this concept yet... this is part one, just a personal exploration.
I will think more on the topic and get back to you...

My Creative Quirks:


1) Once I start writing something I MUST finish it all in one go, or it will never be completed. This goes for rants, poems, short stories, you name it.
...Deviantart comments... even text messages, interestingly enough.

2) In correlation with number one, do NOT interrupt me if I am writing something. I will give you a glare of death, throw something at you, and damn near bite your head off. Because once that train of thought is interrupted it's not coming back. Not with the same vigor and purity, anyways. This is the case whether it was a 10 minute interlude or a 10 second one. This is ESPECIALLY the case with poetry.

3) Sometimes I am randomly moved by a moment. I sit down where I am and start scribbling, and I write something completely beautiful out of the blue.
Other times I let an idea bounce around in my head, and in my heart for a few days, weeks, or even a few months before finally sitting down to put it all into a concise form.


1) I can never take just one photo. When I am in the mood I will fill up a whole Gig of memory if left to my own devices (no one is waiting for me or sighing impatiently and tapping their foot)

2) I suck at getting back around to said Gigs of photos, sorting through them, editing, and posting. There are probably hundreds of gems just sitting on flashdrives and memory cards. Who knows if they will ever see the light of day?

3) I HAVE to have a lot of energy when I sort, edit, and post pics.
Because I am a complete perfectionist, to the point it is taxing. Each photo takes me at least an hour to work through this process. Sometimes, I cannot decide if I like the photo for days after I've posted it. I come back to it every time I am at a lull inbetween other activities, and review it. ...This habit is probably where my OCD tendencies are most evident.


1) I have to be drunk to get into it. Otherwise my OCD tendencies completely ruin everything.
But it's a very fun undertaking when I find myself intoxicated and lonely because everyone else had other plans or went to bed early.
...I really like getting into the feel of each piece, and being able to construct something simple and yet beautiful with my hands is very pleasing.


1) I have an endless list of things I want to draw and sketch, and I never manage to get around to it. It's very frustrating.

2) I like to pretend doodling helps me to listen and retain information. That's not true, really it just keeps me patient. I throw no pencils at people, slam no textbooks shut, and storm out of no classrooms. In the end it's a beneficial coping mechanism, but only because my doodles are fucking awesome... not because I actually learned anything.

3) I love to draw with violin music on. Especially Lindsey Stirling.
Or my own thoughts ...those are good too.

4) Drawing overall is a very relaxing, soothing, and enjoyable pastime for me.
Currently it is my absolute favorite method of creativity!
I find it is good for releasing my emotions, giving me a calm way to sort through my tumultuous thoughts, and for ignoring the world entirely. For whatever my need is that day, drawing is a useful means of achieving it.

These are just some of the oddities I have noticed within my own artistic endeavors. I am not sure yet what they signify... of if there is any significant meaning behind them at all. But feel free to comment, or share your own. I am all for opening a discussion on how artists experience the creative process.

I am most likely to create art when... 

2 deviants said life is shit
1 deviant said regardless of life's ups and downs
1 deviant said I follow some other set of circumstances
No deviants said things are going well for me

"Thank you for Faving"

To all those whose works I have favorited, I've done so because it was truly well done work, because I connected with the ideas in the piece, or because your art or message really inspired me in some way.
Rather than thanking me for the favorite, I would appreciate it if you would take a look at some of my deviations, and see if you find awe, connection, or inspiration in my work the same way I found it in yours.
As an artist, this would truly be the most heartfelt way you could say thank you.

An added note:
I am truly sorry that I have to favorite-and-run so much. My busy life leaves me with so little time to appreciate art as is, that I often don't have the time to leave thoughtful or interesting feedback. Please just know that if I have favorited your work, I really do like what you've done -I am not somebody who "likes" everything they see- and it means a lot to me. ...Also don't be surprised if I leave a comment months after I favorited your work. I like to go back through my collections when I have the time -I didn't place it there just to never look at it again :)


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